Math Field Day trophy

Middle School students took part in the Jefferson County Schools Math Field Day Competition on February 4. Students from Charles Town, Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown, and Wildwood Middle Schools competed as individuals and teams at each grade level.

Charles Town Middle took the team win in the sixth grade. Individual winners were: 

1st Owen Twyford (CTMS)
2nd Edgar Gallardo (CTMS)
3 Max Alexander (SMS)

4 (1st Alt) Abigail Daniel (HFMS)

5 (2nd Alt) August Carson (CTMS)

In seventh grade, Shepherdstown Middle won at the team level. Individual winners were:

1 Aidyn Smith (HFMS)
2 Benjamin Elliot (WMS)
3 Cadmon Kesecker (SMS)

4 (1st Alt) Joey Puzzini (CTMS)

5 (2nd Alt) Noah Musselman (WMS)

And the eighth-grade team winner this year was Shepherdstown Middle. Our individual winners were:

1 Santiago Smith (HFMS)
2   Andrew Viteri (SMS)
3 Wyatt Kenney (WMS)

4 (1st Alt) Paula Tremba (SMS)

5 (2nd Alt) Mason Meagher (CTMS)