School buses

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. – The Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBOE) adopted a resolution from West Virginia Governor Jim Justice proclaiming Friday, Sept. 23, 2023, as West Virginia School Service Personnel Day.

The Governor’s Proclamation encourages all citizens to join in this observance by stating, “Whereas, it is fitting we recognize the outstanding work these individuals do for this state, their communities, and students enrolled in West Virginia Schools.”

The proclamation also highlights how school service personnel impact the school system:

“Whereas, school service personnel are involved in nearly every aspect of education by maintaining buildings and grounds, preparing and serving meals, keeping school facilities clean and orderly, and assisting in the classroom, as well as providing administrative support functions, safe transportation, and many other specialized services.”

Mr. Larry Padgett, Co-President of the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association, accepted the proclamation during the JCBOE’s regular meeting on Monday.

“Service Personnel has a role in every aspect of education, and I’m glad to stand here and accept the proclamation on behalf of all those hard-working men and women.”

“We know that we all work hard, and we work together well in this county.”

JCBOE President Kathy Skinner said service personnel are an integral part of the school system.

“Our school service personnel get the kids to school, and keep them fed, and keep schools clean and safe. Thank you. You are all seen and appreciated.”

School service personnel are being recognized in different ways at each school and work location with special lunches, decorations, and other events to show the gratitude of Jefferson County Schools and all who benefit from their work and dedication.